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GC 0 almost ready!

2009-03-12 06:25:25 by gameinabottle

Hey Everyone,

Good news: While being reluctant to give a release date after all the delay, by now we can be certain that we are only a few weeks away from releasing GemCraft chapter zero. The game is almost complete, we need to finish or refine some content - sounds, graphics, level details - and fix a bunch of errors, balance the game as good as we can, and make some finishing touches before releasing it.
GC 0 will be released on first, and it will be available on other sites after a few weeks.
Sorry for both the long waiting and the gappy communication about the progress of the game, we hope you'll have a lot of fun playing GC chapter 0!


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2009-03-13 01:18:04

Oh thank god. I love you.


2009-04-02 07:12:34

Awesome, Can't wait !!


2009-04-04 18:44:10

Well it's sure been awhile since the post.


2009-04-17 02:49:47

Hi! Thank for your game, I have already played it on AG
It's a way better than GemCraft! Thx you for so awesome n' addicting game


2009-04-17 08:46:44

this post was from over a month ago man come onnnnnnn we want gc0!!!!!

we want gc0
we want gc0
we want gc0



2009-04-17 09:57:21

It's a great game (it's on Armor-games) !


2009-05-17 18:21:38

It's been 2 months now. . .


2009-05-19 00:49:53

Any updates on its appearance on NG? My excitement can't be held in much longer!


2009-06-01 00:33:55

Its out and I played it, and I liked it. At least your not like Zone-Sama who gives updates once every year and missing release dates.


2009-06-08 00:46:16

So, if no enemies make it by at all in 31 rounds, the boss can still make you lose if it gets by?

God damn it, No.


2009-08-15 19:51:04

Loving the game, thanks for all the effort that must have gone into this!


2009-12-29 17:01:10

WERE IS THE GC 2 >_>!!! you guys give us no news or nothing thats so annoying!


2010-06-30 17:54:14

I just found your game, and I hope you create sequels and more tower defence games. I would appreciate it though if when you replay a level and you don't beat your past score if you could give like 10% of your score added to your experiance or something, ya know? I did like the amulets/badges though. That was pretty awesome.


2011-03-20 06:11:09

You've made some very high quality games. I'm really looking forward to more Game In A Bottle games!


2011-07-21 13:30:21

So far, the GemCraft games have been the best flash games I've ever played, and they keep getting better. Do you have any idea when the next one will come out? I just beat Labyrinth (best flash EVER), and I can't wait to see how you'll improve.


2012-11-21 17:41:25

Please oh please turn this new chapter into an iPad game. I will certainly buy it. Sadly stupid iPad's do not allow flash to be played. I love your games!!!

Is there any intention to bring this in as a mobile app?